Web Hosting Plan Restructure Announment

  • 17th May 2012
Point Action Services is proud to announce the restructure of their web hosting plans prices stayed the same and we added new web hosting plan check out our new web hosting plan changes at
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cPanel is now updated to 11.32

  • 5th April 2012
I want to let you know that cPanel decided to do major version upgrade to WHM 11.32 from 11.30. This upgrade includes the following new and updated features below. Please let me know if there is any issues that may be cause with this upgrade. In this version of cPanel & WHM, we've incorporated over 600 changes, including several requests ...
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Point Action Services has partnered up with Attracta

  • 28th March 2012
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Email server changes.

  • 13th March 2012
Yesterday we spent time on the server to secure email and other email restrictions. So now the sever will detect emails that are listed with If emails are listed in the ...
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