Changes have been made to the servers

  • Thursday, 20th July, 2017
  • 18:13pm

Changes have been made to the servers below

Changed from mod_ruid2 to mod_suphp

Using mod_mpm_event instead of mod_mpm_worker



The worker MPM causes Apache to fork into several processes so that a single crash does not kill the entire Apache process. Each forked process creates numerous threads, and a listener thread that listens for connections. This enables the system to serve multiple requests concurrently. For more information, read the Apache MPM worker documentation.



The event MPM serves a single HTTP request across multiple threads. However, the event MPM uses a dedication system and dedicates a thread to handle all live connections. The system allocates a request to the child threads only when it receives a request. This allows the threads instant availability after the request finishes.

We recommend this MPM for users that only make occasional concurrent requests, or when a user requires a long keep-alive timeout. For more information, read the Apache MPM event documentation.


Added mod_http2 Support Read More improves security and performance on the server websites.


The SSL Cipher Suite has been changed to meet the needs and requirements for mod_http2. Disabled RC4 encryption algorithm for all SSL/TLS.




Future added features with the next 1 to 2 months is Add support for CAA DNS records (type 257)

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