cPanel is now updated to 11.32

  • Thursday, 5th April, 2012
  • 10:22am

I want to let you know that cPanel decided to do major version upgrade to WHM 11.32 from 11.30. This upgrade includes the following new and updated features below. Please let me know if there is any issues that may be cause with this upgrade.

In this version of cPanel & WHM, we've incorporated over 600 changes, including several requests from you.

Most significantly, we've incorporated DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) validation for mail sent by cPanel & WHM servers, and new login pages that let you select your language.

New Features

Support for DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail)

DKIM allows you to associate a domain with an email message, verifying that the email comes from a reputable domain. cPanel & WHM has long provided DKIM validation for incoming mail. Now, with the addition of Exim 4.76, our software also includes DKIM checks for outgoing messages.

New login pages

We've changed both the cPanel login screen and the WHM login screen. When a user loads the login page, he or she can choose which locale (language) cPanel or WHM should use.

MySQL 5.5 Now Supported but this will go into effect until it is stable with cPanel

MySQL 5.5, system administrators will have access to better performance, faster service, and a larger feature set. End users and application developers will also benefit from these updates


The Logaholic web analytics bundle is now officially available to cPanel users with the release of 11.32. Logaholic is a powerful web analytics (log file processor) solution delivering reliable and objective visibility reports to help you accurately gauge the performance of your website traffic, content, keywords, and marketing efforts.

Improved Email Rate Limiting

We have added a "soft" limit to the maximum number of emails that can be delivered hourly. Once this limit is reached, no messages will be accepted for the account. cPanel & WHM will allow messages to be queued (up to the limit) and then delivered when the user’s limit resets.

In addition to limiting the maximum numbers of emails an user can send per hour, you can now restrict outbound sending when your users have reached a specified percentage of failures and deferrals (per hour). Spammers usually generate a higher percentage of failures, which makes them easier to locate.

Email sent from local users by connecting to the SMTP server is now also tracked.

This only few that can be listed here since there over 600+ items updated and added to cPanel.

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